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Music & Movie Promotion

Hit the Charts, Rock the Box Office

Ready to see your tunes top the charts and your films fill theaters? At Artist Intelligence, we don’t just release music and movies; we launch cultural phenomena. From indie beats to blockbuster feats, we make sure your projects don’t just debut—they dominate.

Strategic Releases

Timing is everything. We strategize your release to catch waves at just the right moment, maximizing impact and visibility.

Multichannel Marketing

Whether it’s streaming platforms, social media, or traditional media, we cover all bases to make sure your music and movies are everywhere.

What IS IT THAT We Do?

From Nothing to Everything, we are all here to make you the star and witness even after your success! Interactive campaigns that get your audience hyped, engaged, and ready to stream or watch on repeat.

Premiere Planning

Red carpet rolled out, press buzzing, fans lined up — we handle the hype so your premieres become must-attend, must-watch events.

Collaborative Tie-Ins

Leveraging partnerships across industries to create buzz-worthy synergies that boost your visibility beyond the usual channels.

Who Needs This

  • Musicians dropping singles, EPs, or albums.
  • Filmmakers looking to make a splash in cinemas or on streaming platforms.
  • Studios wanting to ensure their next release is a smash hit.
  • Any creative looking to make a big impact with their new project.

Why It Rocks

With our promotion power, your next track becomes the anthem and your film the talk of the town. We blend analytics with gut instincts to craft campaigns that resonate with hearts and charts alike.

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